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Our Company

Antonina Health Care provides a client-centered approach that goes beyond standard home care services by focusing on reduced cost and better quality of care. our nurses are available to assist you with assessments and to determine the amount of care needed for the clients by using evidence-based guidelines. We facilitate care touchpoints, communicate with the client's physician and provide ongoing updates to the Case Manager regarding the client's status and any changes in their condition.

Our Mission

Our mission is to support and care for the families in our community, by improving their everyday life and providing the highest quality health care in the privacy and comfort of their home.

Our Model

We are genuinely interested in the patients and families in our care. We always take extra time to accurately assess our patients’ perceptions of their care–what is important to them, how well we are delivering care, what factors in our patient care help our patients achieve better outcomes.

Most importantly, we build a relationship with our patients based on good communication, empathy, trust, and information exchange. We recognize that the partnership between clinician and patient, improves patient care outcomes and satisfaction, lessens patient symptoms, and reduces unnecessary costs. Our patients become more compliant with treatment and active in the management of their diseases. Our patients and their family members are satisfied with the care that they are receiving. This is all achieved while reducing the need for expensive prescriptions, testing, referrals, and hospitalizations. We believe in a humanistic approach to health care delivery with the option of using high tech medicine when necessary, but not as a substitute for the fundamental bond between patient and provider.

We are excited to partner with many local Single-Entry Point Agencies to improce the quality of everyday life of the most fragile Coloradans. We are a team of health care veterans with decades of combined experience leading care transformation at various health systems.

Our Values

We promise to treat our patients and their family members with courtesy, dignity and respect without regard to the patient’s race, color, sex, religion, ethnic or national origin, age, disability, veteran status, marital status or sexual orientation. We promise to deliver exceptional patient and family centered care. We promise to strive for excellence through continuous improvement and innovation, by continuously reviewing, evaluating, and improving our operational processes to ensure effective, prompt, cost effective, appropriate and affordable delivery of service is being provided to our patients.

We promise to stay updated about the needs of the communities we serve and provide them exceptional and affordable health care. We promise to hire and keep the best clinicians in Colorado, to treat all our employees with courtesy, dignity and respect, and give them opportunities to develop and grow professionally within the company. We promise to utilize top-notch technology to keep our clinicians doing what they do best - excellent patient care, not the paperwork. We promise to use high tech methods to redesign home care delivery process, to help our patients and families transition from a passive role, in which the patient is the recipient of care services to an active role, in which the patient is informed, has choices, and is involved in the decision-making process. We believe in keeping our promises.